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The family is vast and varied, with roots in Eastern Europe, England, Holland and South Africa.

PAM'S FAMILY: Pam's father, Richard Isaac Lewis, was born in Leeds.  Her mother, Gertrude, was born in Sea Point.  Her step father, Alfred Fraenkl, escaped with his parents from Germany.   To find out more about Pam's heritage, click:  PAM'S SIDE OF THE FAMILY

SIGGY'S FAMILY: Siggy's father, Abe Michelson, was born in Kimberly, South Africa.  Abe's family were from Latvia.  His mother, Rykie, was born in the Cape.  Rykie's father, Walter Geoffrey Hamp Adams  was  born in Herefordshire, England.  Rykie's mother, Maria Catharina, is a descendant of the Cloete and Van Reenen families, whose family line can be traced back to the 1600's.   To find out more about Siggy's heritage, click:   SIGGY'S SIDE OF THE FAMILY

PAM and SIGGY: Pam and Siggy married on March 16, 1952.  They have five amazing children, whom they love equally. To find out more about each of them, please click the appropriate link below:








January 5, 2008:   

Today is Ouma's birthday.   5th Jan. and I am not as yet up but thinking old thoughts and remembering. I can remember back to 18 months, standing in a cot in the corner of my parents bedroom in a boarding house.  I remember Granny standing beside the cot with a little nanny.   Gran told me I had swallowed a penny and was chocking and she was returning to work and had an instinct she had to get back to me.   Isn't it strange?    At 18 months one has very clear thoughts.    they went out one night and left the light on.  I remember Granny saying that they were just going to see my aunt and uncle, gyneth and Abbey and would be back soon and left on the light.    Within minutes a hand appeared and switched the light off (I know it was Jules) and I screamed bluebloody murder until it was put on again.

January, 2008 While I am reminising (how do you spell it?)

Oneís children are the most precious gifts and ones grandchildren are little bits of ourselves we have to leave behind.   I am so glad I had 5 children.   In happiness and sorrow in the end they are our greatest treasures.   As you grow older, things arenít so important anymore and safety and security become the order of the day.

I am 77 and still miss my mother, much like Terry and Bianca and Cathy and Joshua we only had each other.     I never knew what it was to have wealth as a girl and I didnít miss it.   It must have been those acting years when I could be anyone I wanted to be and never felt inferior to anyone.     At 19 Alex Chaimowitz made me thin and then I had the time of my life.    I had a different date every night of the week and Gerty would wait up for me and quickly switch off the light when she heard me come home.   I decided to become a famous actress and went to England in 1951 with the late Nigel Hawthorne.    He did and I didnít but I had a wonderful time living with my cousins Lily and   Morry and Dennis.   Then I brought myself home and on boards the ship was told my fortune and it was true.  

My life revolves now about my children and grandchildren and believe it or not I can still remember every birthday.  (I might forget which day of the week it is.)   I celebrate my womanhood of 77 years.  An ordinary woman.  I had dreams when young which changed with time.  I regret none of those changes because life is an experience you only get once.  

My children and grandchildren are the joy and fascination of living.  Seeing just that little bit of one's self staying on when I am long forgotten is smug satisfaction.  The learning that life is important and fancy things are not. The day I woke up and found my diamonds were no longer any use to me and looked so much more attractive on my daughters. When suddenly one day I found myself going to my children for advice, the circles had changed.  Once I loved me and now I have learned to love so many, especially my husband and companion for 55 years.

In 1939 my father Dick bought my mom her first and only house.   He paid 2 200 pounds to a builder who had gone bust.  It was a lovely house in Green point.   Our road was opposite the golf course and there were no houses behind us.   Emmerentia was a farming community.   The world seemed new.   We were all so happy and then on the 9th Sept. we listened into the radio and heard war was declared and for the first time in my life I saw my father weep.    On the 19thJuly 1941 my father died and we sold the house and went to the Capeto my grandparents.  It was a sad time.   Gerty worked in a typist pool and I went to boarding school.   Looking back over the years,and being my Momís one and only the convent was the best place for me.   I learnt to appreciate my wonderful mother.   Dad used to say ďI will never live to see Pamelaís childrenĒ  and we didnít believe him.    I hated being parted from Gerty but looking back Springfield was the best thing for me as it taught me to appreciate my mother. I wasnít interested in anything schoolwise except acting.   I was going to show the world how wonderful I was.   At 20 I went overseas to England with Nigel Hawthorne.   He made it and I didnít.   When I saw my first brilliant show Man and Superman in London I knew, so I just had a wonderful 8 months with my cousins, played in third rate reps and did a bit of film extra work and in time for my 21st arrived back in Cape Town.   I met your Dad and at my friend Annís 21st on the 26th December, I looked across the room and saw your Dad and said to my pal Rosa letís go over and talk to Siggy Michelson.   As I walked over he turned to his best pal and Said ďIím going to marry that girlĒ   I only got 3 nights off to go out with him as I was rehersing for a play but on the 3rd night he proposed to me, I thought he was joking but I said YES and we woke Gerty up at 3 in the morning as well as Celia and Gerard,  On the 9th Jan, the morning of the proposal Siggyís family came rushing into Cape Town and we had a slap up dinner at the Delmonico.   We were married on the 16th March in the garden on champagne and spent the following year arguing.   After all we didnít know each other at all.   I was bohemian and untidy and DAD  wasn't.   However, we have managed to stay together for 57 and a half years. And I love him just as much now as I ever did.  We had 5 children because having been mymotherís only child wanted lots.   Besides which they were all so pretty I wanted to see what the next one would look like



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