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Welcome to Pam's favorite recipes page.  As we all know she is an amazing cook.  As she has so many recipes to offer they have been divided into different sections. Click on the title below to be linked to the recipe you are looking for.

STARTERS include all her favorite appetizers, including the recipe for her famous olives.

SOUPS will lead you to her favorite soup recipes including her matzah ball soup, with a twist.

VEGETABLES will take you to her best vegie dishes.

MAIN COURSES feature her fish and meat favorites and include her very special yorkshire pudding.

PUDDING  well, these certainly cannot be excluded.  Remember the trifle, bread pudding and granadilla pudding?  Who could forget!

CAKES, BREADS, SWEETS ETC. have always been special.   This is where you'll find the famous Friday night Challah recipe.  We've included some of Rykie's and of course Granny Gertie's famous apple pie.



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